Repair and Maintenance with Viking Pump Service

Under certain circumstances, equipment in your well such as well pump, wiring, or well casing can fail. Unfortunately, it seems like these failures occur when you need water most. There is obviously NEVER a good time to run out of water! We offer water well repair in Phoenix, Cave Creek, Rio Verde, Desert Hills, New River, Scottsdale, Buckeye, and Tonopah as well as the east valley.

The experts at Viking Pump Services approach every water well repair job with years of experience diagnosing and solving the problems that stand in the way of a properly functioning water well. We understand how important water is, and it’s our goal to get your water system up and running as quickly as possible.

With that in mind, we use every tool at our disposal to learn what the problem is and take the necessary steps to provide the well repair that will solve it. After diagnosing a problem with your well, whether it takes pulling out one piece of pipe at a time or replacing a key component – we’ll do what’s needed, whenever needed to get your water back.

Viking Pump Service is a pump repair & service company that has freedom to work on ALL manufactured brands without restriction. Need a New Pump? Viking Pump Service has the capabilities and connections to quote replacement units from most of the brands on the market. Viking Pump Service will assess all information required for an optimal equipment install, based on both performance and efficiency. We will work hard to earn your business.


Well System Inspections

Viking Pump Service provides a performance test service to determine the overall capacity rating of a well. Please note that well inspections in Phoenix, Cave Creek, Rio Verde, Desert Hills, New River, Scottsdale, Buckeye, and Tonopah require a personal visit to your property from at least one of our experts, so we can make some calculations. There are numerous factors that affect well GPM’s including formations, depth of well, well installation, age of well, surrounding development, time of year and many other factors.

Most homebuyers would never consider purchasing a home without a thorough inspection. The same care must be taken to inspect the property’s well system and the quality of its drinking water. When buying a home with a private well, one of your inspections should include a well system checkup to ensure the well is in good working order. Prior to the inspection, you should obtain your well’s log or record from the Arizona Department of Water Resources, which contains information on the history of the well. Contractors must file well logs with their respective states upon completion of all new wells. However, well owners should also own a copy and keep their own log in case the well needs to be serviced at any time.

A field supervisor provides an inspection of the well components and reports whether or not it is operating satisfactorily. The inspection also includes checking the condition of the water system and well cap. An above ground well cap should be checked for tightness to ensure unwanted invaders or debris can’t end up inside and possibly contaminate your well. In order to obtain the basic system condition on the date of inspection, the information is gathered while a flow test is performed.

  • Equipment and well inspection to determine flow rates and condition of existing equipment.
  • Many lending agencies require an inspection and certification.
  • Inspect for any defects or mechanical issues.
  • Or other maintenance that is immediately in need of attention.
  • We also offer lab testing if needed.
  • Inspections on your well systems is crucial for keeping your home and family healthy.
  • Common for bacteria due to non-natural, other natural situation, and location of water tables.
  • Inspections are often required in residential well systems before the sale of any property.
  • We are a leading source of skillful and trustworthy testing for any well system inspections.

Well System Rehabilitation

At Viking Pump Service, we provide rehabilitation to existing groundwater wells of all sizes. This could involve sanitizing, chemical scouring, relining, and various other methods to bring your well up to a viable standard suitable for everyday use.

Our expert team diagnoses water well problems using the latest technology available. Other services we perform may include:

  • Performance testing for wells & pumps
  • Water level measurement
  • Well scraping & Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting motors & pumps
  • Well Sanitizing

Viking Pump Service cleans screens and casings using chemical and physical methods. As a full-service professional firm, our team is proficient with well redevelopment, relining casing, relining or replacing screens, and installing cathodic tank protection.

The Viking Pump Service team remains on standby to reduce the overall time between well failures. Of course equipment never breaks down at a convenient time, we recommend our preventative maintenance services as the best approach to improve efficiency.

Well System Repair and Maintenance

  • We offer most of the major brands of pumps and related equipment as well as a full selection of water storage tanks to accommodate most any need.
  • Tanks are available in poly plastic as well as galvanized and there are other options available also.
  • We can custom build a tank to your specifications if required, or let us design something to suit your needs.


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