Sales and Service with Viking Pump Service

At Viking Pump Service we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are more than happy to go over all available options and will not pressure you into something you may not be able to afford. At Viking Pump Service we provide you a full service that will help with all of your needs. The best starting point when you have an issue, would be to get a consultation. Then figure out the service needed and obtain the accurate equipment. Finally, we will have our skilled technicians install your equipment and finish the well system design.


Well System New Installation

We are a full service water well system company and can help you get a water system setup based on your needs. Whether you are sharing a well with multiple homes, have a single well, or have an existing water system, we can help make it more efficient and work better. When you have a new well system being installed, you want to make sure you have the right person to do it professionally and accurately! At Viking Pump Service we will make sure the job is done the right way the first time! There are different ways to build in your system. Prices and quality vary by the materials that are available. Consider all the facts, especially when choosing the right system. It could be more expensive to fix if you have a low quality system.

Well System Consultation

We are happy to discuss any and all options in regards to water systems and help you make the best choice to get the water that you need. Often times a well may not be the best choice for you. Having a "hauled water" system has grown quite popular and there is a lot of water hauling services to choose from in most areas.

If you want water right way for construction we can install a temporary system that pumps directly from of the well. It can be powered by a generator if it’s required. Make sure that you know your pump size before choosing a generator.

Well System Design

We will design your pump system based on several factors, all aimed at keeping the equipment in its optimal performance and efficiency curves outlined by each pump's engineered data. "A good install" combined with "good application" equals a great running system and also a happy customer. We aim to please.

Before selecting a pump make sure to:

  • Determine the right type of pump
  • Determine the right size of pump
  • Determine whether water storage system is required

Water Equipment Sales and Service

We offer a full line of water well equipment to include most of the major brands. We service all that we sell and offer help on do-it-yourself jobs. We install and service both residential and commercial systems. If you have any questions or concerns, Call Viking Pump Service! We are here for all of your water equipment needs! We have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as our online ratings.

Well Pumps and Water Pressure Tanks

Well systems use well pumps that are capable of pumping large amounts of water throughout your house. However, well pumps can fail prematurely due to overcycling. By using a pressure tank or tanks, water can be used more efficiently over long periods of time with the pump then running for a longer amount of time to decrease cycling.

The selection of well pumps depends on numerous factors like the size of the well casing, the depth of the well, and a lot of other things. We will present you the most efficient recommendation for your well pump based on the specific circumstances.

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