Well Rehab Services with Viking Pump Service

At Viking Pump Service, we provide rehabilitation to existing groundwater wells of all sizes. This could involve sanitizing, chemical scouring, relining, and various other methods to bring your well up to a viable standard suitable for everyday use.

Our expert team diagnoses water well problems using the latest technology available. Other services we perform may include:

  • Performance testing for wells & pumps
  • Water level measurement
  • Well pump scraping & Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting motors & pumps
  • Test pumping to all capacities

Viking Pump Service cleans screens and casings using chemical and physical methods. As a full-service professional firm, our team is proficient with well redevelopment, relining casing, relining or replacing screens, and installing cathodic well protection.

The Viking Pump Service team remains on standby to reduce the overall time between well failures. And because equipment never breaks down at a convenient time, we recommend our preventative maintenance services as the best approach to improve efficiency.

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